The Rosemont Dads Club is dedicated to providing resources to supplement the development of students at Rosemont Elementary School and Rosemont Primary School - Chris V. Semos Campus, both of which are public schools in the Dallas Independent School District.

The club runs and partners with other community organizations to sponser and support many school and local activities, such as:


A portion of the proceeds supporting the programs above results from our partnership with School Spirit Pays, a credit card processor that donates a portion of its fees from transactions at participating retailers to the Dads Club. If you own a local business-or know someone who does—and would like more information about how you can support your local school without incurring any additional costs, please visit http://schoolspiritpays.com and/or contact us at the email address below.

You may also support these and other programs by visiting Amazon Smile and signing up to have a portion of your Amazon purchases donated to the Rosemont Dads Club.

Please email us at info@rosemontdads.com for more information. We also welcome any donations you care to make.